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Quality air conditioning system design, installation and maintenance.

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Electrical Services

Efficient and safe.
For the home or work place, we offer a full range of electrical services.

Air Conditioning

For a comfortable environment at home or in the work place.

Heat Pumps - Solar = Renewable Energy

Renewable, efficient, cost effective heating

Offering a full service, from design and installation to maintenance of your AC, we pride ourselves on supplying a system that will match your exact needs perfectly.  Our installations create perfect working conditions to increase comfort and staff efficiency, all while keeping in mind the importance of energy efficiency that is vital for all businesses.

Air Conditioning Installation

Derbyshire Energy Solutions are able to carry out a full air conditioning installation, from design to completion, including all of the relevant electrical feeds

Our qualified installers will work to your specific requirements to guarantee customer satisfaction, installing your climate control system into your building quickly and professionally.

We supply a wide range of air conditioning systems including:

  • One room systems
  • Entire premise systems
  • Air to water heat pumps, which give you low costs cooling, heating and hot water.
  • Total heat exchange or heat recovery ventilation systems.

All our units are sold with a minimum 3 year parts warranty

Our Air Conditioning Services include:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Servicing
  • Maintenance


Air Conditioning Design

DES will design an individual climate control system to specifically suit the size and requirements of your premises that guarantees to give you the perfect temperature controlled environment, creating a comfortable atmosphere for your work force and customers.

AC systems don’t stop with heating and cooling, they can also include humidity control and boast energy savings of up to 66%, compared to standard electrical heating.  With constantly increasing energy costs it is paramount to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Whether you wish to update or replace an old system, or look at the benefits of fitting a new system, DES Ltd have a solution for you.


Ventilation and Heat recovery systems

DES will design and install

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